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Certain "roles" or additional functions (e.g. the well-known ones such as Head of, secretary, address manager, ...) - some of which are also displayed in the TISS address book, opens an external URL in a new window - can also be used as mail distributors by sending a mail to

 <Distributor name>+<Institute number>@tuwien.ac.at

which is then distributed to all persons in a structural element (organizational unit) who are assigned to this role or additional function. The prerequisite is that this email address is unique and that there are (possibly several) mail delivery addresses or owner persons.

For example: secretariat+exxx@tuwien.ac.at

In addition to the predefined distribution lists, distribution lists with desired names (project name, conference name, etc.) can also be created for a structural element (an organizational unit) (via TISS, email distribution lists). These are structured as @tuwien.ac.at addresses (generic addresses, opens in new window), as shown above. Particular attention should be paid here to uniqueness so that the generic email address derived from it can also be used without the suffix "+Exxx". 

In this way, a structural element (an organizational unit) can manage its own simple mailing lists or generic addresses without having to operate a mail server itself. 

Neither this email distribution list nor any other mechanism allows you to directly address all owners of a function or even all of a group of people (personnel, other employees, students) throughout the TU. This is not desired and is only reserved in a modified form for internal, administrative offices (e.g. Central Administration of the TU), which act on the instructions or with the consent of the Rector.

  1. Log in to TISS.
  2. TISS Address Book Search: Exxx (Display Organizational Unit).
  3. "Change data" (only those that are entered as "address managers" in TISS may do so).
  4. When displaying the organizational unit, select the link at the very end "Email distribution lists", which only an authorized address manager can see and follow.
  5. In the form with "Change selection Exxx", either create a new distribution list name under "New function" or edit an existing distribution list under "Change functions".
  6. Owners: These are the persons to whom forwarding is made (provided that they have a valid forwarding). Attention: Owners are not used if the field Delivery address is filled!
  7. Delivery address: List (separated by ",") of email addresses that may also contain external (non organizational unit) addresses (if the desired destinations cannot be represented as owners).
    Another use case is the redirection to other persons of the organizational unit, because the owner does not want to receive the mail.
    Important: Since the owner forwarding is ignored with an entry here, all other persons listed as owners with an email address (e.g. their generic) must be explicitly listed!

In mail routing, any changes are only effective after a time delay. A reference value of about 10 minutes is to be expected.

Notes on input:

  • The forwarding destination of the mailing list is determined either by the owner or by the delivery address (dominated as soon as set)!
  • The owner selection is a selection field in which several entries can be selected. Depending on the browser, you may have to hold down a key when clicking on the respective entry (e.g. Firefox Ctrl key) so that the previous selection is not deleted or reset. If an error has occurred, the form can be reset to its original state with the Reset button (a kind of "Undo").
  • If generic mail addresses are specified for the delivery address, the mail routing system can sometimes issue a warning by email, indicating the possible danger of a so-called mail loop (which in this case is usually unfounded).
  • With the email options at the bottom (please note the hint link!) you can limit the reachability of a mailing list address to the TU Wien (to avoid spam distribution). For this purpose it is sufficient to set SPAM level Ignore to 0 for generic addresses.

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