Configuration of email clients

Receiving email:

Receiving email:  
Username e+matriculation number
Incoming mail server
supported protocols POP3 via TLS - Port 110
POP3 via SSL - Port 995
IMAP via TLS - Port 143
IMAP via SSL - Port 993
secure password authentication (use secure authentication) NO1
Sending email:  
Username e+matriculation number
Outgoing Mail Server, SMTP-Server
Use username and password no/yes (optional)
Protocol without authentication SMTP - Port 252
Protocol with authentication (SMTP-AUTH) SMTP via TLS/STARTTLS- Port 587

However, this does not mean that the password is transmitted in clear text over the Internet, since the connection as a whole is only possible in a secure way (SSL or TLS).

  1. Applies only to connections within the TUnet. If the sending computer is not within the domain, the outgoing server of the provider through which the Internet connection was established must be used. Note: Outgoing connections from the TU WLAN with destination port 25/TCP are blocked!
  2. Correct setting depends on the client, e.g. in Thunderbird you have to set STARTTLS.

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