Release, sharing, link allocation

The following editing rights can be assigned to other TUownCloud members (users or groups):

  •     can share,
  •     can edit
  •     create (for directories only),
  •     change
  •     delete

The rights can be revoked at any time.

Bildschirm: Anleitung Owncloud

TUownCloud- Define members with whom you want to share.

Bildschirm: Anleitung Owncloud

Download and upload rights can be assigned to any others by sending a link by email, with or without password protection, with or without expiration date.
Upload rights can only be assigned to an entire folder, download rights can also be assigned to individual files.

The password that may have been assigned must be communicated to the link recipient outside the TUownCloud process.

If the authorization for "Allow editing" is assigned, the data uploaded by the TU-external participant will of course be part of the own quota!

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