ownCloud Clients

The desired desktop client (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) can be downloaded via https://owncloud.com/desktop-app/, opens an external URL in a new window. Install and start. The configuration is done the first call:

Server: owncloud.tuwien.ac.at, opens an external URL in a new window
User name: same as for upTUdate
Password: same as for upTUdate

Later configuration changes are possible by clicking on the ownCloud symbol (cloud with green check) in the status or menu bar.

When the client is run for the first time, the folder "C:/Documents and Settings/User/ownCloud" (Win) or "~/owncloud" (MAC/Linux) is created by default and made available for synchronization.

In order to be able to synchronize several local directories with the TUownCloud, it is recommended to synchronize the first selected local directory with a subdirectory of the root directory (and not with the root directory itself) in your TUownCloud, e.g. to map the local directory C:\Data\sync1 to the remote path "sync1", see graphic.

Of course, the synchronization status is displayed.

Screen, opens a file in a new window

Several directories can be selected for synchronization via the client (button "Add folder").

How to add multiple directories, opens a file in a new window

By means of "Select elements to be synchronized" subfolders can be selected for synchronization.

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