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Each employee has 20 GB at his or her disposal.

All characters except '\', '/', '<', '>', ':', '"', '|', '?' and '*' .
If you name a file or folder with one of the characters listed above, that file or folder will not be synchronized.

The data transfer from and to TUownCloud is encrypted via SSL. The TUownCloud clients do not encrypt the data themselves.
If you want to encrypt the data, please use the appropriate tools before saving the data in TUownCloud.

If you delete your files, they can still be found under "Deleted files" for a maximum of 180 days, depending on your available free disk space.
Only if you delete your deleted files in the web interface FINALLY, they are definitely no longer "in the cloud".
After that you have (in case of emergency) the possibility to get your data from a backup at TU.it for another 30 days.

Files listed as "Ignored files" in the TUownCloud configuration are not synchronized. This list can be edited. Several file names (e.g. .htaccess), however, are default.

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