authorization concepts

Authorizations are only assigned to upTUdate authorization groups, not to individuals. These groups must be created and maintained by the address manager of the structural element (organizational unit).

Authorization Concept Standard

Simple assignment of authorizations without the possibility of further restrictions.

The address manager creates an upTUdate group Ennn.TUfiles.users or, in the case of structural elements (organizational units) that have a subdivision, Ennn.x.TUfiles.users.
The members of the group Ennn.TUfiles.users (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.users) receive full rights to the network drive. A further restriction of rights is not possible. 
Persons who are not in the group Ennn.TUfiles.users (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.users) cannot connect to the network drive.

Authorization Concept Special

This authorization concept is aimed at structural elements (organizational units) that require a complex network drive with several folders on which different authorizations are to be assigned.  

All permissions on the share are delegated to an administrator group of the structural element (organizational unit). Folders and their permissions can and must be maintained by the structural element administrator. 
The address manager creates an upTUdate group Ennn.TUfiles.users (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.users), which must contain all users of the network drive, and a group Ennn.TUfiles.adm (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.adm), which contains the administrators for the network drive.
The group Ennn.TUfiles.users (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.users) gets access to the network drive and can basically connect the network drive.
The assignment of rights for folders and files within the network drive is completely delegated to the group Ennn.TUfiles.adm (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.adm). This means that more complex authorization structures can also be mapped.

If further authorization groups are required to map groups of persons, the name Ennn.tuf.groupname (or Ennn.x.tuf.groupname) must be used.

Name of the structural element (organizational unit), nnn 3-digit numericEnnn.xEvaluation group, x 1-digit numeric

It is assumed that the members of the group Ennn.TUfiles.adm (or Ennn.x.TUfiles.adm) have appropriate experience in assigning permissions on Windows file servers.

Authorization assignment for administrators is only possible from Windows systems.

The creation, implementation and maintenance of authorization structures is not part of these services.

The authorizations are assigned in such a way that administrators have no access to the data in the provided file shares.

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