• A separate space (area) can be set up for each subject or research area under The unique name of the space (key, cannot be changed) is derived from the number of the department or research area, e.g. E02002.
  • A different spelling is not possible for technical reasons.
  • The Space can be reached within the TUnet via:
  • The administration of the space including the assignment of rights is to be carried out by the space owner.
  • For this purpose, the upTUdate authorization group Exxx-yy.TUwiki.admins e.g. E020-02.TUwiki.admins must be set up in TISS before ordering. This group is given full administrative rights for the space when the space is set up.
  • Furthermore the group Exxx-yy.TUwiki.users has to be set up. Normal read and write rights are assigned to this group.
  • If there is a justified need, additional Spaces will also be created in TUwiki for a department/research area, subject to available capacities. In this case, please contact us at

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