TUownCloud vs. TUproCloud

Cloud specifications





every TU employee has implicitly

must be appointed by an internal TU project contact person (employee)


automatically without explicit order process

after approval and if necessary consultation within 3 working days

Disk space

20 GB

must be specified when ordering, larger quantities (some 100 GB) are also possible



0,03 €/GB/quarterly

Account with login for TU-external project partners

not possible

accounts for TU external project partners can be set up by the internal project contact person

Use of the client for TU-external project partners

not possible

possible, because an account is available

Integration of TU-external project partners

Download and upload rights can only be granted by sending a link by email to TU-externals. Any data uploaded by TU-externals is evidence of the personal quota of the TU staff member.

Differentiated editing rights (share, edit, create, change, delete) can also be assigned to TU-external project partners, as they have their own account. The data of all project members occupy the quota of the project repository; no individual quota.

TUdocs: Extension of TUownCloud and TUproCloud for cooperative editing of office documents



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