TUownCloud vs. TUproCloud





has each TU employee implicitly

must be ordered by a TU-internal project contact person (employee)


automatically without explicit ordering process

after release and, if necessary, enquiry within 3 working days

storage space

20 GB

to be specified with the order, also larger quantities (some 100 GB) possible



0,03 €/GB/quarter

Account with login for TU-external project partners

not possible

Accounts for TU-externals can be set up by the TU-internal project contact person.

Use of the client for TU-external project partners

not possible

possible, because an account is available

Integration of TU-external project partners

Download and upload rights can only be granted by sending a link by email to external users of the TU. Any data uploaded by TU-externals will prove the personal quota of the TU-employee.

Differentiated editing rights (share, edit, create, change, delete) can also be assigned to TU-external project partners because they have their own account. The data of all project members occupy the quota of the project memory; no single quota.

TUdocs extension of TUownCloud and TUproCloud for collaborative editing of Office documents