Integration of upTUdate groups


The following steps are required to integrate an upTUdate group in the TUchat:

1. Create a new channel with the name of the upTUdate group you want to use. To do this, select an existing upTUdate group of your structural element (of your organizational unit) or have the address manager of your structural element create a new upTUdate group for you at, opens an external URL in a new window .

For the assignment of several channels to upTUdate authorization groups, please inform us about your desired assignments via, opens an external URL in a new window

Nevertheless, please proceed as described here. Synchronization will then take place automatically once we have entered the desired assignments for you.

Screenshot Rocket Chat: Create channel
Screenshot: Name Channel

2. In the next step, a Channel Admin will be set.

Go to the member icon and click on the tab "Invite users".

Screenshot: Members
Screenshot: Invite users

3. Enter "Channel Admin" of your structural element (your organisational unit) in the now appearing field and insert it by clicking on "Add users".

Screenshot: Add Channel Admin

4. In the last step, delegate the Channel Admin to the owner of the channel.

To do this, go to the icon for members and select the action "Make the channel owner (CO)" next to the entry "Channel Admin".

Screenshot: Channel Admin becomes owner of the channel

With the determination that Channel Admin is the "CO owner", synchronization with the upTUdate group now takes place.

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