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The term virus has become a buzzword for all kinds of malware. Commonly occurring classes would be malware:

  • Virus in the classical sense - infects existing programs, becomes active and replicates when the programs are invoked.
  • Worm - a self-contained program that imposes itself on a system through a security weakness, is constantly active and sometimes tries to spread to other systems via network access.
  • Trojan horse (Trojan horse) - a special form of worm that leaves a "back door" open, allowing access to the computer and its control. This makes it possible to turn a computer into a node in a global bot network, to deduct e-mail addresses, passwords and other sensitive data.
  • Ransomware - also a variant of a worm, which typically cryptographically encrypts all documents and any audio, image and footage that the computer can reach (including via network drives), so that these data are no longer usable. The key to decrypt is offered against payment of a sum of money.

The effects can be multi-faceted. Conspicuous network traffic, tough behavior of the computer, constant access to mass storage, frequent crashes or just the abduction of the browser start page and obscure side effects such as strange, unexpected windows and advertising pop-ups, etc. can be an indication of a virus attack.

So if there is a suspicion of a virus, it often only helps to boot with a "clean" CD / DVD and start a virus killer from there, the subsequent installation of a virus killer on a "contaminated" system is not recommended!

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