Tabular summary of email options

option: explanation default feature example/recommended
block SPAM level Blocking above a certain spam level, sender receives bounce mail

(= ignore level, if set)

(implicit = ignore-level, if not specified)
ignore SPAM level Ignore above a certain spam level; no feedback to sender! infinite strict 10.0
> block SPAM level
marking from SPAM level 6.0 Mark "[SPAM?]" in subject active non-strict -

  • If an entry is not to be used, this field should explicitly be left empty or emptied. Then the default behavior takes effect.
  • The SPAM level values can have a maximum of one decimal place.
    Attention: The header line X-Spam-Status: shows a value higher by a factor of 10, i.e. a value of 79 corresponds to 7.9!
  • The distinction between strict and non-strict options is essential.
    While the former always work (strictly), the latter only do so under certain conditions of a concrete incoming message. For example, if a message is sent to several recipients at the same time and they have different settings. In the case of SPAM level blocking, the actual spam level of the message must be higher than the individual value of all recipients in order for the mail to be blocked. Otherwise, all recipients will receive the message.
    It is not easy to determine whether an email was sent to several recipients at the same time from the mail header (which does not contain any relevant data for mail delivery)! Rather, the information from the log of the mail server software is necessary for this.
  • If there is an "ignore" situation with all recipients, a block is still performed (so that the sender receives an NDR/bounce mail, instead of which the mail is silently discarded).
  • Analogous to suppressing the mark in the subject: Only if all recipients have deactivated the mark, the mark is actually suppressed.
  • Usually, the rule should be:
    SPAM-Level-Block <= SPAM-Level-Ignore
    If SPAM level blocking is not specified, the value of SPAM level ignore is implicitly used.

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