Spam - blocking, mail options

General information

Different e-mail settings, such as spam blocking/ignoring, can be defined by editing your personal data in the TISS address book ("Change data") and then selecting the "email settings" link.

These email options are not used for mail routing or for specifying the delivery address(es)! The delivery addresses for mail forwarding must be entered in the change interface exclusively via the Mail Delivery Addresses field!

Example for a change form (excerpt from either an independent form or the "Change data" form):

It is also possible to make the change directly in an email options, opens an external URL in a new window change mask without detour via the TU address book (TISS), where you have to authenticate yourself according to accounting practices: The email options are available for different email address classes and are made accordingly somewhat differently effective.
The corresponding values must always be specified in the respective form, otherwise the desired action will not be active (there is no implicit default value, apart from the usual spam marking!).

  • Generic/general addresses (*, *, *
    The email options of this address class become effective immediately (usually within 10 minutes). This applies to all versions and modifications of the generic address.
  • Institute or delivery addresses (of the TU Wien, not for external addresses):
    In this case, all newly entered delivery addresses must be activated in a challenge-response procedure (deleted or replaced addresses do not require this type of verification).
    It is important to note that only delivery addresses that are actually transported via the TU Wien are affected here. This of course includes any *@* addresses, but also external mail domains registered with that do not end with
    Exceptions to this are the mailbox service addresses belonging to the respective user, which end at, or
    The upTUdate mailbox addresses are usually not accessible from the outside and do not usually need to be assigned values.
    Other external mail domains, e.g. free mail addresses (GMX, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) cannot be considered, because the TU Wien mail servers are not involved in the mail transport, although an entry via email options is possible.
    In the challenge-response procedure, you receive an automatic notification for each address, where a URL is transmitted, with the visit of which the respective delivery address is actually activated. Also here applies: The activation becomes active at the respective mail server finally within 10 minutes.

Here is an example of an automatically transmitted "Challenge" email:

From: Personal database
Subject: Confirmation of mail options for STANDARD ADDRESS

To confirm the of SURNAME FIRST NAME
registered option SLEVEL:6.0;SIGNORE:9.0
please call the following URL:
DVR: 0005886

In this way an abuse can be avoided, which could consist, for example, in someone agreeing on a low spam block or spam ignore level for a foreign delivery address and thus disturb the mail delivery of a completely foreign person!

In the standard configuration, an email coming from outside receives a spam rating (see Spam Marking), but remains essentially unchanged, apart from a possible marking of the subject. Basically a message is not blocked, rejected or filtered in any other way.
In addition to this standard behavior, however, individual changes can be made in accordance with the following sections.

All actions, be it blocking or ignoring messages, are logged accordingly (for a certain period of time, but at least one month), in order to be able to track processes in the event of any problems.

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