Anti-spam measures

Unwanted or unsolicited (advertising) emails (legal guidelines: references, Telecommunications Act) are treated accordingly by appropriate measures TU-wide or at sub-domain level.

The domain/hostname part of the email sender's address must be fully qualified and resolvable via DNS.
(TU-wide active, OPT-OUT, opens an external URL feature)

Permanent or temporary blocking of senders and/or mail servers that violate the security policy or affect the resources of the TUnet and the mail server in such a way that at least a temporary blockage is required.
Any problems in this context, such as the blocking of "good" mail servers because they appear as forwarding relays in the mail relay chain directly in front of the mail bastion computer through no fault of their own, can be reported directly to the TU Mailadministration in order to obtain appropriate corrections or removals.
(TU-wide active, OPT-IN feature)

Evaluation and marking of all incoming messages with a "spam evaluation factor" (also called score), on the basis of which the recipient can use his mail program to initiate actions for filtering (e.g. store in a special folder).
For server-based filtering see next Accordion: Mail options/Spam block

The evaluation is based on the information in the mail header and mail body. Services based on dynamic DNS (Domain Name Service), commonly known as dynamic blacklists or blackholelists, are also used.

Blocking or ignoring spam-marked mails is possible individually with separate values for each TU target address.
The subject tag itself can also be deactivated individually here.
Technical details about this service can be found under Mail Options.
(receiver-specific, OPT-IN feature)

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