Using S/MIME to send encrypted emails in an Exchange environment under Android

Since version 4.4, the Android standard mail app has been able to handle S/MIME certificates. However, in order to activate the signing and encryption option, you must first install your own client certificate and configure the mail client for it.

Although the easiest way would be to send your personal client certificate as an email attachment yourself, it is not recommended for security reasons (certificate file also contains the private key).

It would be better to download the client certificate directly via a browser via a secure connection.

The installation itself is carried out either in the file explorer by selecting the certificate file or in the settings under "Security" à "Install certificates".

If a purpose is to be selected, specify "VPN and Apps".

Certificate files with the extension .p12 (PKCS#12 format) are usually still protected by a password, which must then be entered during installation.

As soon as the client certificate is installed, the mail account is selected in the standard mail app (email) under "Settings" and the already installed certificate is "approved" under "Security" -> "Select certificate". Now the mail app is ready for S/MIME.

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