Certificate creation on the Sectigo self-service portal

Create S/MIME client certificates

In the first section of https://cert-manager.com/customer/ACOnet/smime/login, opens an external URL in a new window enter the email address for which the certificate is intended and press the "Submit" button.

Sectigo: Confirmation of the email address

You get the following message

Sectigo: Confirmation of the e-mail address

and an email with further instructions will be sent to your address. Click on "Confirm Authentication Request" in this mail.

email from Sectigo

This will open another browser window where you should enter the access code kCW99NCX and select the "Next" button.

Enter the access code

Now please enter your personal data (first name, last name, validity period of the certificate as well as (twice) a unique, secure password for the administration of the certificate) and confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of Sectigo.

Accept the terms and conditions

Then select the "Submit" button. This will take you to the download of the certificate. Save it in a secure location (e.g. your personal folder in TUfiles) and install the certificate in your certificate folder. Your institute administrator can assist you with this.

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