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The so-called "TUaccount" is the key to daily information and services that are accessible via web applications at the Vienna University of Technology: eg: access to the TISS information system, access to TUWEL (e-Learning), application and use of div. TU.it services, validation of various web applications, change of address book data).

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frequently asked questions

Students: With the TUaccount you have access to your student account (initial), the network account and other services, such as SSO authentication.

Employees: Your TUaccount is the key to other services, such as upTUdate (initial), the network account (initial), online account management and other services, such as SSO authentication.

Students: Students who have chosen a TUaccount for the first admission at the Vienna University of Technology in the course of the online registration and have the admission in the study department, will automatically set up a TUaccount (user name: e <matrikelnummer>) with this password. If the contribution to the account of the Vienna University of Technology has not been received within four weeks, the account loses its validity. https://service.zid.tuwien.ac.at/student/pin.php


Employees of the Vienna University of Technology: Employees (the staff of the Vienna University of Technology) and so-called "other employees" (persons registered by the address manager) receive the TUaccount from the address manager of the respective organisational unit.


Students and employees with activated mobile phone signatures can set themselves a new password via https://oase.it.tuwien.ac.at/AuthServ.portal

For all others:

Students can get a new password at the TU.it Service Center (Operngasse 11, ground floor). Please bring your student ID.

Note: Students who are also in the staff of the TU Wien can also get their password via the address manager.

TU employees can get a new password from the address manager of the organisational unit.

The TUaccount can be changed in TISS (Login tiss.tuwien.ac.at).

People who are no longer or not yet listed in the TISS address book can enter via the authentication portal: https://oase.it.tuwien.ac.at/AuthServ.portal. Then select either Mail Alias Students / Alumni or Mail Delivery Address in the sidebar.

Students can also change the TUaccount at this address: https://www.it.tuwien.ac.at/student/account/. (You can also change the student server password.)

The TISS address book does not show all people saved in the TU.it personal database, but rather the current daily staff status. In the TU.it personal database, however, there are people who have belonged to the TU in past, or for future semesters. For these there is an entry point under https://oase.it.tuwien.ac.at/AuthServ.portal, where the password can be changed.

It should also be noted that the search function in the address book is separated according to students (only validly confirmed) and staff.

If you retire from the staff of the TU Wien, the TUaccount remains valid for one year. A registered email forwarding remains valid until further notice.

For students with an account for the Internet services, the TUaccount remains valid for one semester after the end of the enrolment.

Under the organisational unit to which you belong, you will find the person(s) you need to contact in the address book for additional functions under "Address Manager".

Careful selection and responsible use of a password protects it from abuse.

The password should not be too short or too long (6 to 8 characters should be accepted by each application). It should contain at least one character that is not a letter.

Do not choose a password that is easy to guess or derived from your personal information.
It is recommended to string together the first letters of a sentence or individual syllables or to "intersperse" a word with special characters or numbers.

Also when dealing with the password some points have to be considered:
do not pass it on, do not write it down, change it often, enter it unobserved.

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