Activate your mobile phone signature

The mobile signature is your personal signature on the Internet. It is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature, offers protection against document forgery and acts as your electronic ID on the Web.

The authentication is done by entering your phone number and password, whereupon a TAN (transaction number) is sent to you as an SMS, with which you confirm your identity.

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What can I use the mobile signature for?

With the mobile signature you have access to an ever-increasing number of electronic services on the web (e.g. Finanz Online, opens an external URL in a new window, ELGA, opens an external URL in a new window, pension insurance, application for voting cards, application for a scholarship, insight into social insurance, etc.).

Electronic signing of PDF files, opens an external URL in a new window is also possible with the help of mobile phone signature as well as resetting the TUaccount password.

How to get a mobile signature 

There are many ways to activate your mobile signature, e.g. via an existing citizen card, with the help of your financial online access data, via online banking or via registries, see information on, opens an external URL in a new window.

At the TU Wien, the Service Center can carry out the mobile phone signature registration for you as an employee or student. registration office for all employees and students of the TU Wien

No pre-registration is required to activate the mobile phone signature. Please note the opening hours of the Service Center.

To be brought along:

  • an official photo ID (passport, identity card or international driving licence, the TUcard alone is not sufficient!)
  • as well as the cell phone.

Please consider passwords first:

  • Password for the mobile phone signature (6 to 20 digits; consisting of letters and numbers)(can be changed afterwards)
  • Revocation password for the final deactivation of the mobile phone signature (4 to 10 digits; consisting of letters and numbers) (can no longer be changed)

On, opens an external URL in a new window you will find a lot of additional information about mobile phone signatures, e.g. further applications, news or FAQs.