In this service unit, all internal services of TU Wien IT Solutions are pooled. Important internal processes such as personnel administration for the whole division and accounting can be found here. In addition, all strategic issues are subsumed in this service unit:

Strategic IT Management drafts the IT strategy and will continuously develop it further. It also controls and monitors strategic projects and offers internal project coaching.

All processes concerning license management of campus software are coordinated in this service unit. This includes the comprehensive handling of procurement processes, complete with settlements and accounting – all in close accordance with internal persons in charge.

At TU Wien, a growing number of projects are organized across different organizational units or even across the whole university. These are also coordinated in this service unit. Such projects include location-based services, Infoscreens or cloud-based matters. Thus, this area offers relevant links for issues originating in the digitalization strategy and connecting to the assignments of the .digital office.

The service unit also acts as an interface for the Information Security Management of TU Wien and its tasks.