The Service Group Application Management operates central services of the TU Wien (upTUdate, TUphone, A1 administration, mail routing, TU Wien web presence, TUownCloud, TUproCloud, email for students), supports the organizational units in the operation of their infrastructure (CRM, TUWEL, LectureTube, Infosec, Azure, TUsystemSupport, TUclientSupport, Webservice- and Hosting), is involved in projects (strategic,, develops new services (VDI, TUdocs, TUwiki, Azure, Plesk), supports the Communications department in operating the Network Operations Center, operates the infrastructure (hardware, databases, monitoring) for the applications (upTUdate, TUphone, mail routing) and also uses the infrastructure provided by the SEAS department.

The most important requirement for the operation of the applications is a stable and powerful 7x24 service. However, since active support only enables a 5x8 service due to the available personnel resources, great importance is attached to redundancies at all levels.