The task of the Service Unit Communications is to provide the basic services of IT infrastructure for the TU Wien.

The main focus is on:

  • Operation of the necessary space for the IT infrastructure (computer and distribution rooms) and equipment (cabinets and equipment, power supply, ...).
  • Operation of the efficient local network of the TU Wien (TUnet) up to the sockets in the institute and server rooms. This includes the networking of the data centres.
  • Operation of the WLAN infrastructure in the buildings of the TU Wien.
  • Connection of TU Wien to the Internet, including basic security services.
  • Support the institutes in questions of security and in specific fault situations.
  • Operation of the monitoring and logging systems for monitoring systems.
  • Operation of basic network applications (Name- and Timeserver, Radius Validation Server, TUnet Database).

The most important requirement for operation, in particular of the network, is a stable and efficient 7x24 service. As active support is only possible 5x8 due to the available personnel resources, great importance is attached to redundancies at all levels.