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Our new publication on 'Shared Mobility' is now available online!

In cooperation with KFV, we have published a new publication on the topic of shared mobility and traffic safety!

shared mobility sketch

© KFV / Catharina Ballan

sketch shared mobility (bike, scooter, car and app)

Shared Mobility and traffic safety

In the face of the climate crisis and rising costs, shared mobility is a useful and important approach in the course of a sustainable mobility transformation. In Austria, the offer is constantly being expanded and has already developed into a real alternative to owning a car in some regions.

Nevertheless, not all aspects of the topic of shared mobility have been sufficiently investigated. In particular, questions regarding traffic safety when using shared vehicles have not yet been analysed in sufficient depth and conclusively clarified. A reliable statistical data basis is currently lacking.

We and the KFV (Austrian Traffic Safety Board), opens an external URL in a new window have conducted a survey-based study and used it to shed light on the safety-relevant aspects of Shared Mobility from the users' point of view.

You can download the complete study (in German) at the bottom of this page. 
You can also read more about the study on the KFV website, opens an external URL in a new window.