The research unit Transport System Planning (IVS) is concerned in teaching and research with transport, mobility and logistics in the context of spatial development as well as with interactions with social, technological and economic aspects. Our basic understanding integrates the demand- and supply-oriented perspective. Our research activities focus on social and technical innovations in the field of mobility and transport. The IVS can draw on a broad range of methodological expertise, ranging from quantitative and qualitative methods of social research and transport modelling to economic and ecological evaluation methods applied in complex research designs.

New ARTE documentary about the Seestadt!

New ARTE documentary about Vienna's urban development site Seestadt!

screenshot ARTE documentary


screenshot ARTE documentary | Die Seestadt in Wien, Österreich.

The Seestadt in Vienna, Austria | Documentary | ARTE

Have you been to aspern Seestadt yet? If your answer is no, you can now at least immerse yourself in the Seestadt from the comfort of your own home! A new documentary of the TV channel ARTE showcases the large Viennese development project, the Seestadt. The aspern.mobil LAB, opens in new window also makes a brief guest appearance! So check it out! It's definitely worth a watch!

ARTE documentary, opens an external URL in a new window