The research unit Transport System Planning (IVS) is concerned in teaching and research with transport, mobility and logistics in the context of spatial development as well as with interactions with social, technological and economic aspects. Our basic understanding integrates the demand- and supply-oriented perspective. Our research activities focus on social and technical innovations in the field of mobility and transport. The IVS can draw on a broad range of methodological expertise, ranging from quantitative and qualitative methods of social research and transport modelling to economic and ecological evaluation methods applied in complex research designs.

photograph of the MOVE team on a company outing
© Christoph Kirchberger

Our MOVE company outing led us to the mountains this year!

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The LOGI-Tool project was launched at the beginning of May! Within the framework of the project, tools for a better assessment of needs and…

route of the MOVE walk (map)
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In the form of walks, we explore different areas several times a year! This month we took off after work from Karlsgasse and walked to the 10th…

logo Mobilitätsberatung "Am Seebogen"
© Mobilitätsberatung "Am Seebogen"

Does it really always have to be a private car? Our free mobility consultation in the Seestadt helps you choose the optimal individual mobility…

logo aspern.mobil LAB
© aspern.mobil LAB

How does it feel to spend your life and to carry out daily activities in aspern Seestadt? Our FOJ-volunteer Marco tells us about his experiences!

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In addition to teaching responsibilities, we are also very active in the field of research at MOVE! It's worth taking a look at our project database!


We conducted a digital explorative study in cooperation with the carsharing company SHARE NOW! Today we would like to share our findings with you!