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Ticket System Online Portal

As a member of TU Wien staff, you are able to log into our Ticket System Online Portal which gives you complete access to the offerings of our services. You are able to ask questions and raise issues regarding these services easily. The use of this portal is very intuitive

Authentication:  with username/passwort from upTUdate (see your accounts)

Screenshot Ticket System Online Portal
Screenshot Ticket System Online Portal

Inside of the menu "Services" you will see all of our services (shown as ) and their service offerings, divided into service groups and sub-groups. To give you a better overview you will only see services which contain a service offering relevant to you. For every service there is the option to open an issue ticket, or to ask a question. In many cases you are able to further specify your query through the service offerings available, this results in a speedier resolution.

By selecting a service offering (shown as ) a form will open where you can input your query. The more details you can provide us with, the sooner your query can be answered and a solution found. You are able to send attachments via this form too.

After creating a ticket you will then receive an automated email that we have received it. You should be contacted within two working days by one of our staff.

You will continue to receive emails from us regarding the status of your ticket, but in the online portal you can view the history of each ticket and provide additional information as required.