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Alumni E-Mail

The ZID provides generic e-mail addresses and a password for alumni of the TU Vienna. The address is: Firstname.[Middlepart.]
(Middle part is an optional extra field to distinguish from existing alumni entries with the same name, up to 15 letters, numbers and hyphens, no hyphen at the beginning or end, no two hyphens in a row. For first names that are separated by spaces only the first name is used. For last names that consist of multiple parts and are separated by a space, only the last name is taken.)

Please enter your first name, family name, matriculation number and date of birth (spelling according to the last sticker of your student ID) and a valid e-mail address in the request form below, then you will receive an initial password (TU-password) to this e-mail address.

With the TU-password you can activate your generic e-mail address of the form (Firstrname. [middlepart.] by entering your e-mail address. You may also change your password (form Alumni Password-Change below).

Alumni data are not displayed in the TU Address Book.

So far, graduates of the University from 1990 on (year of graduation) exist in the database. If you completed your studies before 1990, please contact

Request Form:

An initial password (TU-Password) is sent to the e-mail address given.
Please fill out all fields, matriculation number without leading "E".
Only for person who do not already have a TU-password.

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Matriculation Number

Alumni Password Change
Activation of e-mail Address:

Please enter through the authentification portal and choose "Mail Alias Studierende".